A Red Herring!


Medium: Oil and acrylic on wood panel
Size: 15 x 15 x 2cm



‘A Red Herring’ is an original, unique painting on a sustainably sourced, pine wood panel.

In continuation from the previous lockdown and inspired by recent events, I would like to offer this work through the @artistsupportpledge. The Artists Support Pledge is a non profit organisation where Artists post their work on Instagram for no more than £200. Anyone can buy work. When an artist reaches £1000 of sales they pledge to spend £200 on another artists work! I pledge to donate an additional £50 to @st.petrocswhen I reach my goal.

Boating, fishing, buoys, ropes and lines are daily sights here in Teignmouth. We have a small but busy port, predominantly importing and exporting animal feed and clay respectively; and a dedicated fish quay on the river beach. These paintings are inspired by all of these local features, shapes and colours. The wood grain in these pieces can be seen adding texture and depth. The sides of the panel are painted black and corners are sanded for a smooth curve.

This painting can be easily hung by a small nail; can stand on a window ledge or shelf. It does not require framing.