The weather changed


Medium: Oil and acrylic on wood panel
Size: 15 x 15 x 2cm

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‘The weather changed’ is an original, unique painting on a sustainably sourced, pine wood panel.I would like to offer these works through the @artistsupportpledge. The Artists Support Pledge is a non profit organisation where Artists post their work on Instagram for no more than £200 ( including p&p in UK) Anyone can buy work. When an artist reaches £1000 of sales they pledge to spend £200 on another artists work! I pledge to donate an additional £50 to @st.petrocs when I reach my goal.

The idea of our ‘home’ or our ‘house’ is of significance to us all. The simplistic house in these paintings is a representation of all houses – which should offer us shelter, warmth and safety. The grain of the wood in these panels creates depth and energy and becomes almost sky-like in appearance.

The sides of the panel are painted black and corners are sanded for a smooth curve. This painting can be easily hung by a small nail; can stand on a window ledge or shelf. It does not require framing.